Research Group

Prof. Dr. Nikolai Kuhnert Group Leader Germany Tel: 0421-200-3120   Anja Mueller Lab. Technician Germany Tel: 0421-200-3534   Britta Behrends Lab. Technician, (COMETA Project) Germany Tel: 0421-200-3142   Dr. Roy N. D’Souza Postdoc India/Portugal Tel: 0421-200-3680  


From polyphenols in your fruits to chlorogenic acids in your cup of coffee or tea to the identification of unknown compounds in plants and other complex mixtures, our lab runs more than 10 unique projects of discovering novel compounds and

Lab Facilities

The laboratory consists of modern facilities such as the Bruker UPLC-QTOF, Bruker Ion Trap, Bruker Micro-TOF and Agilent LC systems.  


Publications by Kuhnert Group from 1995 to 2017.


1. Barry Callebaut 2. Unilever 3. Kraft Foods 4. Rhododendron-Park (Bremen) 5. New Drugs For Bad Bugs


3rd CoCoTea World Congress on Cocoa, Coffee and Tea, 2015 The conference took place in Aveiro, Portugal from 22-24th June 2015. Roy gave a talk on cocoa. Posters were presented by Diana, Anastasiia and Seung-Hun.       Bremen Life